Family Style

Family Style Dinner- This is equally similar to the Lazy Susan except that the Rotatory glass Chaffer is not used as part of final food presentation. It promotes great interactions among the guests and budget friendly.

Jollof Rice

West Indian Rice& Peas

Coconut Rice

Seasoned Basmati Rice served with Papa Feri Fera Sauce- Ayamase

Alaleke Special Fried Rice

Ghanaian Style Rice & Peas –Wakye,

Tuna and Vegetable Pasta Bake

Yam Pottage

Fried Yam

Beans Africana, Beans a la Togolais- Ewa Aganyin served with Sauce

Roast Potatoes

New potatoes

Caribbean Vegetable Curry.

Stir fry Vegetable Noddle with Hoisin & Ginger

Pounded Yam with Egusi/ Stewed Spinach Soup

African Stewed Beef/ Assorted meats in stew

Grilled Lamb Cutlets

Curry Goat/ Curry Mutton

Jerk Chicken

Chicken a la Grilla

Curry Chicken

BBQ Chicken Breast

Chicken Chasseur

Stewed, Pulveria Chicken,

Caribbean Fried Snappers

Fried Hake Fish in stew marinate with peppers & Onions

Grilled Scottish Salmon Steak

Grilled Fillet of Sea Bream

Grilled Tuna Steak served with Pineapple Salsa.

Hard Dough bread+ Butter,

Mixed -Country Vegetables.

Broccoli, Baby Carrot, Roast Parsnips,

Crunchy Salads,

Mango Salad,

Pasta Salad,


Fried Plantain and Moi-Moi.