Weddings & Birthdays

Special Package for Weddings & Birthday Receptions

Our special package is a reflection of our experience from organising similar events for many clients. It is born out of our continuous desire to deliver successful events to all categories of clients. It gives you the control and flexibility to design the menu of your choice that strategically fit your budgets.

It is symbiotic to both of us –the client and the Caterer in all ramifications.

Our Package and charges are exclusively for food and waiting only, and excludes supply of Crockery, Cutlery, Linen, Napkins, Bar Waiting Staff, Venue set up and Venue cleaning.

It also excludes provision or supply of catering to other contractors or any ad -hoc vendors working at the venue on the day.

Please feel free to make enquiry about our Special package.


Hospitality Service Special Package
Buffet 4 Canapés + 8 Buffet items excluding salad +2 desserts
Banquet 2 Starters + 3 Main Courses + 2 desserts
Family/Lazy Susan Style 4 Canapés + 8 Buffet items + 2 desserts
Bowl foods 4 Canapés + 8 Buffet items + 2 deserts
Finger Buffet 6 Canapés items