Nigerian Beef Suya served with sliced red onions and fresh tomatoes

Hungarian Beef Goulash served with Piri- Piri Sauce

Beef Teriyaki served with Black bean Sauce

Beef Bites served with spicy chili BBQ Sauce

Lamb Kofta served with minted yoghurt


Traditional Nigerian Chicken Suya served with sliced red onions and fresh tomatoes

Chicken Reggae- Reggae served with BBQ Sauce

Chicken Piri-Piri served with Peri-peri sauce

Tandoori of Corn fed Chicken served with Tikka Masala Sauce

Chicken Satay served with Peanut Sauce

Chicken wings of fire served with sweet Chili Sauce

BBQ Buffalo Wings of Chicken served with Chilli BBQ Sauce

Tandoori Chicken wings served with Mango Chutney



Tiger Prawn in Garlic Barter served with Hollandaise Sauce

King Prawn Roll served with Sweet Chili Sauce

Tempura of King Prawn served with sweet Chili Sauce

Prawn Kebab served with cocktail sauce

Crab Cake served with lemon garlic mayonnaise

Fish cake served with Tartare Sauce

Salt Fish fritters served with sweet Chilli sauce

Fish Goujon served with lemon tartare Sauce

Fish kebab served with Seafood Chutney

West Indian style Salt fish Fritters served with aromatic sauce



Vegetable Spring Rolls

Vegetable Samosa

Fritters of Black eye beans- Akara

West Indian sweet dumplings

African Sweet Dumplings- Puff Puff

Assorted Mini Jamaica Patties

Mini Margareta Pizza

Fried Yam Wedges served with Chilli Sauce- Dundu

Plantain and Beans Boat