Our Products

What have we got to offer you?

As UK No 1 Multicultural Caterer, our brand reputation is earned from and is strengthened by the quality of the food that we serve guests at Events. Our food and service speak for us, at Cuisine a la Leke, we serve the difference!!!

The distinctive taste of our meals and their presentation are what differentiate us from our competitors, even if the food has the same nomenclature.

Our menu structure emanates from our years of experience in Catering at Multicultural Events in the UK

Our total quality management approach with passion for continuous improvement ensure product re-engineering that guarantees a seamless addition of seasonal and trendy products to our portfolios with the zeal and enthusiasm of a learning organization in search of excellence.

All our products are prepared from a 5 Star hygiene rated Kitchen and are covered with £10M product liability insurance satisfying international standard food health and safety in all its ramifications.

What is important to us in our menu design for your event is your brief; your dream menu and our drive in making such dream come true to reality.

Rather being a Catering company that parades endless list of products that are not only confusing but are sometimes misleading, Cuisine a la Leke’s sticking to the knitting approach ensures a professional design and presentation of popular and universally accepted products that satisfy the taste bud of every guest at any event or social gathering.

Whatever the nature of your event, be it Wedding, Birthdays or a multicultural and multiracial gathering, and irrespective of the calibre and the diversity of the guests, Cuisine a la Leke will design a bespoke menu that will not only meet the cultural diversity of your guests but will satisfy their palates.

We will not tie you down to the compromise of a set meal, so that it may look cheap, we will give you the freedom to choose what you want to serve your guests and within your budget, with us, you are like a child in a sweet shop, after all, it is your day!!. Finally, we will offer you free professional advice that will make your event less stressful and save you Money!!!! –

For more information about our Menu and special event packages, please contact us today, and provide us your brief and we will send you a proposal!!


Our Charges

We are very flexible with our pricing structure, as budget friendly Caterer, how much we charge will depend on the kind of Catering style you have subscribed, the choice of your meals, and the volume of your order.

Our charges for full Catering service only covers the Food, the back of the house staff and the front of the house staff. It excludes supply and provision of Bar Staff, Table Linen and Napkins, Crockery, Cutlery and glasses hiring of additional food production equipment, Table set up and Venue Cleaning.

If the client requires us to provide any of these services, we will raise a supplementary invoice based on the quote we receive from our vendors and pass it on to the client.

Please note that we are not currently trading above VAT registration threshold, therefore you will not be charged for VAT on all your order with us.

In most cases, service charge will be applicable to your order; this will depend on the location of your event and the volume of your order.

If you have a specific budget, we are happy to discuss this with you-

Please call us today for more information about our Price and Packages Contact us now on 07552203464/07939966419 info@alaleke.co.uk/alaleke@gmail.com