Our Terms & Conditions

  Our General Terms and Conditions

We are very professional in our service delivery, which is often perceived or misconstrued by others as “being too strict”

Our brand reputation is earned not only from the unrivalled quality of the Catering we offer but equally complimented by our professional approach in delivering the service to all clients.

We will not cut corners or compromise quality or standard of health and safety in order to save cost or to be seeing as “competitive” in our quote.

A-We will humbly ask you to provide an event coordinator that will be liaising with us on your behalf on the day of your event , we can hire one for you to ensure the smooth running of Catering activities on the day.

We are very reluctant to take advice or instructions from friends and relatives of the clients who were not part of the initial deliberations and planning of the event. This we believe will minimise the unwarranted distractions, confusions and clash of interests and personalities that often overshadows the provision of excellent customer service at events

B– We will endeavour to exceed your expectations by providing more than enough quantities of Catering items than you ordered, however , this will not extend to the provision of excess or left over foods as take-away for any guests for health and safety reasons.

C-Provision of food items as Take away to some selected invited individuals will be at our own discretions.

D-If the attendees fall short of what the client paid for and he/she wants food to be packaged as take away, we will request the client to sign our disclaimer form and provide the containers.

E-Any request for take away service will have to be pre-booked and paid for by the client in advance

FVendor meals– we will request that you factor the meals for the vendors into the total number of guests you are ordering. This is necessary in other to avoid misunderstandings that often erupt when some certain vendors want to take priority for food service before the invited guests.

We are happy to feed the vendors free after all guests have been served and fully satisfied.

G-Event timing -will be agreed prior to the day with the client, provision of a team of waiting staff working an average of 8 hours /shift and not later than 12.00am is part of our charges and packages.

if your event runs late and beyond the 12.00 am threshold, we will charge you £15/hr for every staff working on the premises for the period and with additional £20.00 for their travel back home for London events and up to £40.00 for event in outside M25. There will be a £500 refundable deposit taken against this.

H-Our charges also exclude the supply of table linen, napkins, crockery, glasses and cutlery, Bar staff, Table setting and Venue cleaning. If the client request that we provide any of these services, additional to the Catering, we will raise a supplementary invoice from our vendors and pass the cost to the client.

I- Equipment Hire-If the equipment stock at your Venue is inadequate to deliver your service, we will hire additional equipment from our supplier and pass the cost unto the you.

JPayments terms and conditions-We expect that every client will honour the payment terms and conditions as stipulated in their contracts.

K- Service charge- are applicable to all events, this amount we charge will depend on the location of your event and the volume of your order.